1. She just can’t wait for ‘Martial Arts days’

    At first I wasn't sure if Ashley would like the program. After all, she's only 6, so she never really sticks to anything.  Boy was I wrong! She gets extremely upset if we ever have to miss a class now. And I can tell she's more focused, more attentive, and just all around happier after starting this program.…Read More

    Cynthia Snyder
  2. The bully backed down

    When Brian got off the bus today, and got in the car, he couldn't stop talking about how he stood up to this bully who had been picking on him for weeks! He said the bully backed down, and everyone saw it! I got so choked up that he looked at me and asked me why I was crying. I just told him I was so proud of him. Thank you.…Read More

    Bill Gray
  3. Unbelievable! He did his homework the first time I asked!

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Michael did his homework today the first time I asked him! I'm still in shock! I know it's because of what he learned in class. You have put together an incredible program. Thank you so much.…Read More

    Marsha Humphrey
  4. A significant change, in only 2 short weeks…

    Gary has a bit of a temper, but I’ve already noticed the change. He's more respectful to me. And his teachers can't believe it! He calls them ma'am” and sir”. No other kid in his class shows their teachers this much respect. It really makes me feel great, and I feel like I've done a great thing for myself and my child by enrolling him in this Martial Arts class.…Read More

    Alice Thompson