Karate is one of the most beneficial forms of physical exercise for children, as it teaches many values that can be applied to everyday life. There are many reasons you should consider enrolling your child in an instructed karate classes, even if your child is not as physically active as his or her peers. That’s why, in today’s blog, we will outline some of the key benefits that children receive from instructed karate classes.

Marietta Martial Arts is Marietta’s top martial arts school. With a number of instructed courses to choose from, with ages ranging from children to adults, we make it easy for individuals to find the perfect class for their needs. If you are located in Marietta, or the surrounding areas in Georgia, and are searching for a karate school staffed by professional instructors, search no further than Marietta Martial Arts. Continue reading more below to learn about some of the major benefits children receive from our instructed karate classes.


To no fault of their own, children can often be impulsive due to a lack of self-discipline. This can be problematic for some kids, especially for those that suffer from ADD, ADHD, or are more aggressive than their peers. For this reason, karate classes can help develop discipline in children as they are required to listen to their instructors throughout each class. By instilling a sense of discipline in a child early on in their life, there is a much greater chance that they will be able to avoid certain situations in the future that could be harmful or detrimental to their character.


In a world of short attention spans and information being relayed at the speed of light, it is more common than not to become distracted countless times throughout the day. Many children love karate classes because it gives them an opportunity to expend their excess energy in an environment that requires constant concentration and attention. For this reason, karate classes can be beneficial to a child’s level of focus, which they will continue to use to their advantage while in school or at home.


If your child lacks the confidence to stand up for themselves in stressful situations or school bullies, they may find a new sense of confidence by participating in an instructed karate class. Many children become much more confident after learning the self-defense techniques taught in karate, which can result in a significant self-esteem boost. Learning how to exude confidence is vital to how your child navigates through life, and will continue benefiting them far past their martial arts classes.

If you think that your child could reap the rewards of participating in an instructed karate class, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff of professional instructors today. From children’s karate classes and summer camps, to adult martial arts courses, Marietta Martial Arts offers instructed martial arts classes for all ages. To learn more about our available services, or to enroll in one of our many karate classes, visit our website or contact us today!