Does your child struggle with focus?

Have you heard stories of your child being bullied at school? Are you looking for a fun, interactive way to transform their life?

Welcome to Marietta Martial Arts.

Through our kid’s karate, we will teach your child self-defense while giving them all the tools they need to succeed in life.

Whether your child is timid and shy or suffers from ADD, kids karate is a wonderful activity with a variety of benefits. Help your child build confidence while learning patience and focus, and change the way your child acts and behaves at school and home, using their newly found skills in every facet of life.

Through Marietta Martial Arts, your child will gain a new perspective, have more keen focus, and build what it takes to truly succeed. Asking them to complete tasks the first team they are asked, we effectively teach your child how to pay attention when they are spoken to, and how to not back down. Plus, it’s a great source of exercise, so for all those kids that just can’t seem to ever burn enough energy off, kids karate may just do the trick. The best part? Your child will have fun! Many kids in our programs love karate so uh, they would come every night of the week, building friendships and long-lasting relationships they truly love.

To find out more to with any questions about your child will walk away learning, we ask that you contact us today!