School’s out and your kids have nowhere to go. Whether you are at home with them or not, breaks in the school schedule make it hard to know how entertain your child. Whether your kid is on spring or fall break, or it’s just a teacher service day, kids get bored. Sure you can send them with a friend to the zoo, or give them money to go to the movies, but what are they truly getting out of the mundane activities that only last a few hours?

The solution? Martial arts camp.

Designed to give your kids a safe and fun place to stay during the day, Marietta Martial Arts is the perfect introduction to the basics of martial arts — and trust us, you child will be anything but bored.

Organizing our kid’s camps around specific skill sets, you can expect your child to not only learn new moves, but to leave camp with a better understanding of focus, respect, and self-discipline, applying their newfound attitude towards success in life. The best part? Every day is themed, making learning exciting and fun! Through a series of games and activities that are related to that day’s theme, our certified instructors will teach you child important life lessons as they get a taste for martial arts.

Marietta Martial Arts promises quality supervision, with a camper-to-instructor ratio of 15:1. There is no prior martial arts experience necessary to attend camp, and we open enrollment to all children, ages four and older. All camps have video cameras during activities so you can monitor your child and feel confident that your child is safe and having fun. Space is limited and camps fill up fast. Contact us today to reserve your child’s spot now, or call us with any questions you may have.